From OKC to London - A Travel Love Story

Vacation (noun) - Freedom or release from duty, business or activity.

Recently, my husband Isaac and I traveled to the UK for 17 days exploring Scotland first then moving down to England. To be immersed in such magnificent beauty together brings about feelings of peace, gratefulness and awe-inspiring happiness. 

We believe travel refreshes us individually and as a couple. We are challenged in new ways. We learn new things about each other. And it broadens our perspective of culture, life and love. 

During our trip, we laughed in moments that we usually wouldn't laugh about back home. I danced in an open field, just because it was so breathtaking. We giggled when a Scottish police officer gave us a parking ticket just because we loved the way he talked. I sang worship songs while hiking and breaking a sweat.

During the last part of our trip, we spent several days in London and hired a photographer to follow us around for a couple hours while we took in the breathtaking sights of Big Ben, Westminster and the House of Parliament for the first time.

I wanted such a sweet, joyful time in our marriage to be captured while in the midst of a historical, majestic and romantic place. 

All photos were taken by Jesse McGhie Photography. 

Patience in Letters

Patience in Letters

When I took a calligraphy class with Frameworthy Designs in Norman, Oklahoma, Tara Forth, owner and designer, began the class talking about the importance of patience when you are learning calligraphy. What she said has really stuck with me through my journey of learning and practicing my hand lettering. 

I have not by any means mastered calligraphy, but I do feel that it is an art that has come naturally to me. I love the feeling of stroking the ink-filled nib up and down on smooth creamy white paper. I love making flourishes on my letters, and I love the end result. It's beautiful, and it's my own. 

Tara reminded us in the class that our handwriting is unique to us. We should embrace our own hand lettering, and not try to make it look exactly like someone else's handwriting. 

Although I strive to make my calligraphy look streamline and overall flawless, it wouldn't look like true handwriting without little bits of imperfections throughout. It wouldn't be unique to me without tiny pieces of imperfections that no one else's handwriting would have. 

So when I have been practicing for hours  trying to make it perfect and getting frustrated over a flaw, a little voice inside me whispers the word patience.

Be patience with yourself, I hear. There are beautiful and wonderful things for those with patience.

There is strength in patience. 

Learning calligraphy is teaching me and reminding me of the importance of patience. I know It will shape me into a stronger woman - exactly the kind of woman I want to be.