From OKC to London - A Travel Love Story

Vacation (noun) - Freedom or release from duty, business or activity.

Recently, my husband Isaac and I traveled to the UK for 17 days exploring Scotland first then moving down to England. To be immersed in such magnificent beauty together brings about feelings of peace, gratefulness and awe-inspiring happiness. 

We believe travel refreshes us individually and as a couple. We are challenged in new ways. We learn new things about each other. And it broadens our perspective of culture, life and love. 

During our trip, we laughed in moments that we usually wouldn't laugh about back home. I danced in an open field, just because it was so breathtaking. We giggled when a Scottish police officer gave us a parking ticket just because we loved the way he talked. I sang worship songs while hiking and breaking a sweat.

During the last part of our trip, we spent several days in London and hired a photographer to follow us around for a couple hours while we took in the breathtaking sights of Big Ben, Westminster and the House of Parliament for the first time.

I wanted such a sweet, joyful time in our marriage to be captured while in the midst of a historical, majestic and romantic place. 

All photos were taken by Jesse McGhie Photography.