Hand-written lettering and penmanship these days is rare. Made with love and attention to detail, I hand write modern calligraphy by dipping a pen and nib into an ink bottle. It's an old, classical tradition that is most appreciated with invitations or personal, sweet gifts. Others novelties and signage, like mugs or chalkboard signs, are created with special markers and utensils giving the same beautiful look of calligraphy. 

Pricing for envelope addressing starts at 2.50 per outer envelope for the address and return address and 1.25 for an inner envelope. Costs may vary depending on font choice, ink color or the color of envelopes. For other projects, each job is quoted as a custom job. Contact me for a quote and to discuss your project. 

Calligraphy Services

I currently offer the following calligraphy services for clients near Oklahoma City and outside of Oklahoma, but I'm always open to new projects and ideas:

  • Envelope addressing
  • Place cards
  • Framable quotes and phrases
  • Calligraphy incorporated into wedding stationary and invitations
  • Chalkboard art or large event signage
  • Monograms and logos
  • Personal hand-written letters
  • Other novelties like mugs, pumpkins, etc.
  • Variety of ink colors to choose from

Calligraphy Fonts

I offer several font styles to choose from for your next event or gift. Each font can be altered in size and look slightly different with various calligraphy nibs as well. Some fonts are better suited for particular projects than others and will be discussed upon inquiry. 

To see photos of various calligraphy projects that have been completed, please visit my portfolio or my Instagram