Married Life After the Perfect Wedding Day - Q&A with Former Oklahoma Bride Teale Janysek

Former Oklahoma bride and Rachel Kathryn Design's client Teale Janysek is settling into her new life as a wife after her big wedding day in December of 2016. I loved working with Teale last Fall to create her custom, handmade wedding invitation suite to match her elegant, southern winter wedding at Spain Ranch in Jenks, Oklahoma. 

Recently, I caught up with Teale to see how newlywed life has been so far and what advice she has for brides in the midst of planning their weddings. 

Teale's custom handmade wedding invitation suite. Photo by Amanda Watson Photography.

Teale's custom handmade wedding invitation suite. Photo by Amanda Watson Photography.

RKD: What was your favorite part about wedding planning?

Teale: I think I am a weirdo. I seriously loved every part of wedding planning. I wouldn’t want to do it again, but I loved planning every little detail! I think my favorite part was towards the end when I got to start to see everything coming together. Also, it was also a really special for my mom and I to spend some quality time together, which I wouldn’t change for the world.

What was your least favorite part?

Getting caught up in the details! So so silly! I was brought back to reality a lot by my friends telling me seriously no one is going to notice this expect for you (so true!).

Josh and Teale Janysek on their wedding day at Spain Ranch in Jenks, Oklahoma. Photo by  Amanda Watson Photography. 

Josh and Teale Janysek on their wedding day at Spain Ranch in Jenks, Oklahoma. Photo by Amanda Watson Photography. 

What do you wish you would have done differently?

Not fought Josh on some many silly little things. He was so great through the planning process, and honestly, he wasn’t super opinionated about much at all. But, I was so sure that we should NOT have the band that he so desperately wanted and it was so important to him. I finally gave in and seriously the band was amazing and I couldn’t even imagine our wedding without them now! I probably would be sitting here typing, let Josh have the awesome band he wanted had I not given in! A live band is one of my top recommendations.

Did you do premarital counseling? If so, was it helpful? How so?

Yes we did do premarital counseling and we loved it, the program at our church pairs us with a couple who has been married 25+ years and we met with them every other week. The curriculum is set up with homework, but it wasn’t overwhelming and although Josh and I felt pretty in sync the process really helped us to talk about some core issues as well as gave us an opportunity to be mentored by a couple who has been through it all! It was an awesome experience and we really loved digging into some deeper issues knowing we had support.

What are you glad you splurged on? 

Oh gosh, what didn’t I splurge on yikes! I think top three for me personally was videography/ photography, flowers and of course my stationery! I spent probably more than half my budget on these three things and my dad and husband both thought I was insane for wanting to spend as much as I did especially on the videographer, but let me attest my dad was the FIRST to say once we got out video back, how can we make this 30 minutes longer. The day was such a blur in so many different wants and it is hard to soak in everything, but have tangible memories, video and still pictures of every moment has seriously been the most incredible gift no one can even imagine not having them now. I’m super glad I stuck to my guns on that one.

My pictures would not have been half of what they were without my amazing florals! Alison from Juniper was amazing to work with and I am so grateful for her, she took my vision and made it hers and it was flawless.

Rachel knows this best but I spent HOURS online looking for invitations and I seriously didn’t like anything. When I met with Rachel she had me completely sold on custom invitations and they turned out to be everything I could have dreamed of in more. I had such a vision for what I wanted them to be to tie into different parts of our day and she carried it out perfectly! She also says it perfectly I don’t care who you are people LOVE getting mail and having something this beautiful come addressed to you could make anyone feel special!

What advice do you have for brides and grooms planning a wedding? 

Don’t sweat the little things and on the day of let go of everything. Soak in every moment and don’t worry it is so so important to remember at the end of the day that the flowers will die and guests will return home but you will be MARRIED no matter what goes wrong you have your life partner and to lose sight of that is so silly! It is so easy to get bogged down in the details and stress stress stress, but it is pointless the thing people will remember most is how beautiful and happy you looked don’t lose sight of what really matters. I will NEVER forget the moment I stopped in the middle of the dance floor and told Josh, look around look at all the people that are here to love on us and celebrate this chapter, just look. It was incredible!

How is married life so far? 

Gosh, married life is amazing, Josh and I have been through so many changes in the first seven months. We moved to a new state, both started new jobs and bought our first home together! Josh brings me so much joy and even on tough days knowing I get to come home to him is the most incredible feeling. We have also grown so much closer and have become amazing teammates through all of these changes, which has been so neat. I can also say that there is something about buying a home that has drawn us so much closer, having something that is ours has just been so special and we feel so blessed. Having a partner in life is seriously just the coolest!

Former Oklahoma bride Teale and new husband Josh buy their first home as newlyweds.

Former Oklahoma bride Teale and new husband Josh buy their first home as newlyweds.

How is it different than what you expected so far?

I don’t know that I had any expectations, living with a boy definitely has it’s ups and downs but I wouldn’t change it for a thing, it’s all about learning to compromise!

What was your first married argument about? 

Hmmm, I can’t really remember but I’m sure it had something to do with the move. Moving is tough and it stretches you in different ways. I also had a really tough time leaving my job, and Josh couldn’t wait to get out of his so that was tough as well. Communication is so important and something I am definitely weaker at then Josh! We also communicate in different ways and are still learning how the other best receives information, so important!

What have your learned about yourself so far as a wife?

That I love being one! One of my friends, who I lived with in college, was over a couple of weeks ago and I was bustling around the kitchen getting dinner ready. She knew that the microwave was my best friend in college, and she looked at me and literally said, "Who are you? Is this what happens when you get married?" I died laughing, and I told her, "You know what, I guess so!"

I find myself doing things I never did for myself, because I know it will mean something to Josh. I love that it is so easy to put his needs before my own. I also have seen my relationship with Christ change as my focused has shifted from me to we. Josh and I are so blessed to have Christ centered marriage, and I think this is what has truly started to shape me as a wife.

What kind of wife do you hope to be in 5 years?

I hope to just continue to grow and serve Josh the way he needs to be served and I also hope to be a mom! I hope our home will be a place of fellowship for our friends and family. If God blesses us with our own family I hope that I can provide a loving home where they know they love of their parents and God.

What married advice do you have for brides and grooms about to make lifelong vows to each other?

Never ever lose sight of why you made your vows and what you said to one another and why you said it. Marriage isn’t easy its work, but this isn’t a boyfriend girlfriend relationship! You can’t just give up when it gets hard, you have to work harder. Never stop praying for your marriage or your spouse, God will sustain you! People also have told me a million times, never go to bed mad, well I’m not going to tell you that this is always going to happen, but what Josh and I have found is at some point you have to go to sleep, some times still mad, we have vowed to always pray together before we go to sleep even if we are still mad and even if we aren’t going to solve whatever it is until the morning, this has put are arguments into perspective and in the morning it is easier to move forward, and its also easier to fall asleep!         

What is next for you guys? 

I think I have been long winded! haha we have had so many changes we are just looking forward to enjoying our new home together and finally relaxing! We are planning to take a ski trip to celebrate our year anniversary! 

. . . 

Teale's Wedding Vendors:

Wedding Invitations: Rachel Kathryn Designs

Photography: Amanda Watson Photography

Florals: Juniper Designs

Venue: Spain Ranch

Decor/Rentals: Party Pro Rents

Bridal Gown and Accessories: J.J. Kelly Bridal Salon

Grooms Ring: BC Clark Jewelers

Make Up: Chelsey Ann Artistry

Videography: Pen Weddings

*Josh and Teale's wedding was also featured in the Brides of Oklahoma magazine and blog. Check it out to view more photos of their special day!