5 Reasons to Learn Modern Calligraphy // OKC Modern Calligrapher

Modern calligraphy is all the rage right now, and learning how to do it is even more popular. But why learn how to write pretty in this 21st century digital age?

1. You can break the rules

Unlike traditional calligraphy that follows a specific set of lettering rules and stays perfectly inside the lines, modern calligraphy allows you to "bounce" your letters outside of lines if you desire, develop your own style that can be similar to cursive and opens the door for more creative freedom. 

Modern calligraphy letters can bounce around on the page. They have a mind of their own. :)

2. It can be therapeutic and an anti-stressor

I have found that once you get over the hump of learning how to use the nib, understand how ink flows and get a groove down while learning letter forms, pointed-pen, dip calligraphy is quite therapeutic. 

Feeling the pen glide across the page while ink is slowly flowing out feels peacefully delicate. Because you simply cannot do calligraphy in a hurry or with an anxious mind, the practice of the art forces me to slow down and rid my mind of any stressors from the day. 

Even if pointed-pen calligraphy is just not your thing, brush calligraphy is just as fun and therapeutic. Brush calligraphy can be achieved using many types of markers, like Tombow markers, or by using a small paint brush. 

3. It keeps you smart

I keep hearing that hand lettering and cursive is not being taught as often in public schools anymore, and that is such a shame! However, researcher have found that when we write letters and words with our hands we learn better, are more successful, creativity is inspired and so much more according to thefederalist.com. 

Although this article focus on hand writing with pens and pencils, I truly believe hand lettering using calligraphy as adults can have the same type of benefits. 

Wrapped up in my own little world calligraphing. 

4.  You can make your friends and family feel loved

Writing birthday cards, addressing envelopes and making handmade, framable art are the best ways to make your friends and family feel loved. Who doesn't love something handmade with your time and skill poured into it? 

5. Teaches patience

In the beginning, calligraphy can be quite frustrating, because you are learning how to use a new tool that your hand is not used to holding. Even to an experienced calligrapher, there can be frustrating mishaps like ink splatters and just honest human error. 

To succeed and keep on learning, you must be patient with yourself and the art form. I've learned that I am naturally not a patient person. I want to be good now, and I want the projects done in my own timing. 

But calligraphy projects can often take longer than you expect simply, because you cannot rush a work of art. Be patient with yourself and you will reap great and beautiful rewards. :)

Flowy and peaceful modern calligraphy font

* Bonus reason: It's fun! 

Can't forget the best reason of all, modern calligraphy is so stinking' fun! I love it, and I love having a skill that will last a lifetime. I love writing with a tool that was used hundreds of years ago when writing letters. I love making beautiful art and sharing it with the world. :)

If you live in the south, join me for my next beginner calligraphy workshop in Oklahoma City. I love meeting other lettering enthusiasts. :)